Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ice Cubes

I am tired of filling the ice cube trays.

Every tray I examine has just two ice cubes remaining. It is as if the perpetrator of this outrage, and she knows who she is, decides that as long as there are two cubes left, it would be wasteful to fill the tray. One cube, apparently, can be sacrificed.

Consequently, every time I wish to put ice in my beverage I am limited to two cubes, unless I want to fill two ice cube trays. I must then walk all the way across the kitchen and refill the tray or trays slopping water along the way that I will step in later in my stocking feet.

I blame Kathie for this because I know I have to fill at least one tray each and every time I have a drink. She of course blames me. I know I am right because I cannot recall ever having personally witnessed her filling a tray. In fairness, I may be doing her an injustice. Maybe it’s like one of those math puzzles where you add, subtract and divide a series of numbers and always end up with your birthday. Maybe no matter how many ice cubes you take or make, there will always be two cubes remaining.

I used to blame our daughter but she moved out, not surprisingly, several years ago. However, I still pin the rap on her when she comes home for a visit, and am still told that I need to get a life.

Now I am sure none of you can relate to this, because Kathie tells me we are the only people left in the world who do not have a fridge that makes ice. I, however, recall seeing a special on National Geographic about a tribe in the deepest jungles of Brazil that has to fill their ice cube trays from the Amazon River. It was noted as an example of the simple but difficult lives they lead.

I envy people who have icemakers, who can just push their glass against a lever and fill it to the brim with refreshing frozen water; or who can open the door to the freezer and SCOOP an endless supply of frosty nuggets.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have a machine that just makes ice..that’s all it does!
They have a scoop that’s as big as a boat bailer and can cool down a drink or a swimming pool in a flash.

They say it’s great for entertaining. When we entertain we have to go to the supermarket and buy a bag of ice cubes which, when put in the freezer, promptly turns into a solid frozen mass that we have to loosen by dropping on the kitchen floor. It’s very entertaining for our guests. I guess I could get an ice pick. I don’t know if they still make these but suppose they do since I saw one on the Sopranos. They didn’t use it for ice though.

Why don’t we get a new fridge? Well, I am told that the machine, plus the cost of getting water pipes to where it resides, would cost more than a new BMW.

Excuse me. I have to go fill the ice cube trays.

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