Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, dear reader, we made it.

This is our 100th posting.

When we started on this journey we call Wry Bother in March of 2008 with high hopes and boundless naiveté, I had a job and the United States had an economy.

Who knew? I am sorry I didn’t give you a heads up on the economy, but what do you expect from someone who doesn’t have a job?

Think of all you HAVE learned from these columns. (Pause) Okay, think of something else.

In my defense, I never promised you knowledge, information or any of that content stuff. And many of you responded by going elsewhere.

Not all of you, however. According to my little counter gizmo at the bottom of this page, over 4,000 of you have visited here since we began. Of course, 3,000 of you were me checking to see if you had stopped by.

I have accumulated one Follower. I don’t know if you can refer to one Follower as an accumulation, but thank you anyway Mary Lois for bravely putting your face on this disreputable undertaking.

I could ask my wife and children why they have not become my Followers, but I think I learned the answer to that question many years ago.

Oh, I had high expectations of being the next David Sedaris and having my own show on National Public Radio. But I would have run out of things to say very quickly and then there would have been that whole silence thing that upsets the radio execs so much. The fact is I never have had anything to say and Wry Bother has been the perfect vehicle to say it.

Where else could you read a whole column about this being the 100th column?

Anyway, I have run out of nothing to say on this subject and will go and lift a frothy glass to you brave souls who have made the journey along with me.

I hope you have had a few laughs at least.

To be continued.

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Mary Lois said...

For a minute there I was afraid you were going to announce your retirement from the blog. Then where would I go?